[FAQ] Everything about E-Dollar

  • - What are E-Dollar?

    E-dollar is a virtual currency at this board. You need them for saying thanks or downloading specific Programs which work with the NosHacks API . A detailed list is below.

    - Cost E-Dollar money?

    No, they are completely free, but you can buy them at a administrator like NetMax. E-Dollar you can easily earn for posting messages, open threads / tutorials or by people who have thanked you.

    - Why E-Dollar?

    They are a kind of „Leecherprotection“. Some people only want to come on the board for downloading some programs. When they have it, you don´t see them anymore. So we can avoid that. There are several more reasons why we have an e-dollar system.

    - Allowances

    Get a thanks = 5 E-Dollar
    Post a message = 5 E-Dollar
    Create a Topic = 10 E-Dollar
    Write a Tutorial 25 - 100 E-Dollar (INFO E-Dollar for tutorials)
    E-Dollar API (see NosHacks.de API UDF)

    - Deductions

    Give a thanks = -25 E-Dollar
    Avatar = -50 E-Dollar
    Signature = -100 E-Dollar
    Change username = -250 E-Dollar
    Daily Interest = 5%
    E-Dollar API (NosHacks.de API UDF)

    - What are interests?

    Each day you lose 5% of your E-Dollar, this prevents inactivity.

    - You didn´t receive E-Dollar?

    This can have following reasons:

    • The post / thread is in the OffTopic-/“Marktplatz-/Fragen & Antworten“-section

    • The post / thread was deleted, because it broken a rule

    If this isn´t true then write an e-mail to Support@NosHacks.de. When you describe your problem very well, then the solution comes faster.

    Your NosHacks Team