[Announcement] Premium membership

  • What is Premium?

    Premium is a rank in our board. With the rank you can go into hidden area´s of the Board.

    There are Hacks,Bots and Tools like

    NosTale Teleport Hack
    NosTale Minigame Hack
    NosTale Speed Hack
    Packet Encryption / Decryption Discussion
    and much more.
    And as a special you get a faster support by the team members (you help our board, we help you).

    How do i become Premium?

    Because we don´t want to have the premium hacks public, no one can get the hacks for nothing. So there are 2 opportunities to go to the Premium area.
    ~You pay for Premium
    ~You have a NonPublic Hack which no one have and work -> Write a pm to NetMax

    How can I pay for premium?

    -PaySafeCard (If you pay with PSC at payments under 50 € you must pay 5 € more).

    (The Paysafecard mustn´t have a password)


    How much costs premium?

    3 months for 25 € (Paysafecard 30€)

    6 months for 50 €

    How do I renew Premium?

    You pay 50 € and receive again 6 months (or 3 months for 25 €)

    You advertise someone for Premium: You will receive then 1 month for free!

    What special rules apply to the Premium area?

    You aren´t allowed to discuss about the Premium content outside the Premium area and you aren´t allowed to send the content to another. When you break the rule you will get a permanent ban, the tools will be disabled for you and legal action. Premium Tools only work as long as you´re premium.

    For questions write a e-mail to Support@NosHacks.de.