Reputation System

  • What is the reputation system?

    Reputation marks the reputation from a member of Noshacks. The reputation system allows each user to evaluate a other post and it has two options: Positive or Negative rating.Based on this assessment you can see, if the user make good posts or not.

    Reputation points represent the reputation of the user. If you have high points, you get a high rank.


    How can i earn Reputation points?
    You can earn reputation points with every assessment the users give you. The The number of the points depends on which rating you got ( More you can see below). If you get a positive assessment you get Reputation points. If you get a negative assessment you lose Points.

    How can i give assessment?
    To evaluate Posts of other users, you must click on . After that, it opens this window:

    If you like the Post click on the first Point, if you don´t like the post, click on the second point.
    After that, press the Button "Absenden".

    1. Flood barrier
    The flood barrier prevent too many reviews in 24 hours. You can do only 18 reviews per hour.

    2. Not assessable Users

    This mechanism prevents a user for repeatedly evaluated. Before evulate this user again, you must evulate 3 other users. To see which user you can´t evulate take a look at this picture:

    The rank of a user depends on its current reputation points.

    You can get these ranks:

    • Required Reputation Points 500
    • Required Reputation Points 300
    • Required Reputation Points 150
    • Required Reputation Points 50
    • Required Reputation Points 10
    • Required Reputation Points 0
    • Required Reputation Points -10
    • Required Reputation Points -50
    • Required Reputation Points -100


    The Reputationmodifikator indicates how many reputation points are awarded for each measurement. The modifier is comprised of these modifiers:
    If we take the values from the pictures below:
    2 + 0 + 2 + 0 + 0 + 1 = 5

    Member age
    If you are longer registered, you get a higher age-member modifier.
    Maximum Value: 10

    If you have more reputation points, you get a higher Reputation.
    Maximum Value: 5

    If you have more Posts, you get a higher Board modifier.
    Maximum value: 15

    If you have more Photos uploaded, you get a higher photo modifier.
    Maximum Value: 10

    If you have more Guestbook posts, you get a higher guestbook modifer.
    Maximum value: 10

    First modifer
    This is the Modifier you have, if you are registred.
    Maximum value: 1

    So far,
    your Noshacks Team.