Clash of Clans Free [Bot] For Pc [100% Free][Open Source]

  • MyBot/GameBot is the Free and Most Advance Clash of Clans Bot[100% Free][Open Source]

    Alot of other websites are giving this bot for vip/premium but this is 100% free Open Source Bot

    New Version v5 Released(Working with December Update)

    [Blocked Image:]

    v5 Change log:

    GUI Multi Language
    BlueStacks v2 and Droid4x Support
    TH / DE Side Attack for Live Bases
    TH Snipes While Train (But maybe this wont be useful to you anymore..)
    Can make troops only to Donate , the bot will maintain that quantity select on GUI in army composition.
    Heroes Upgrade continuously

    New System to personalize your TH Snipes attack : \THsnipe\ csv files
    New Walls Detection code- just need the new images
    New TH detection - just need the new images with snow - new system to add more images - user friendly
    New Inactive Base detection - new system to add more images - user friendly
    Train system with scroll left for queued troops

    Known Issues :
    What is currently not "working perfectly" :
    - Donation Tab: Can only donate Archers / Barbarians / Giants / Wall Breakers / Healers / Wizards / Goblins ( we didn't make the rest yet...)
    - Town Hall detection (with this update we didn't have time to make TH with Snow images, the closed DLL however can detect some snowy images)
    - Training of troops, due to the new 'stacking of troops' the queue can build up in the barracks (archers, barbarians, then archers gain, as 3 separate troops).
    - Upgrade Wall (we didn't have time to make the new images)
    - Some new Commands to New Android Client - Like Droid4X and BS 0.x
    - Upgrade Lab and Buildings with new buttons
    - We cannot detect all new 'Personal Break' messages on the screen yet. This will result in some restarts of the BlueStacks window. The bot will recover and continue.